Rick Conlee

Albany, New York, United States

Cloud And Network Engineer


I’m an experienced critical thinker proficient in Docker, AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Known for delivering robust and innovative cloud infrastructures and hybrid networks. Skilled in Terraform, Ansible, cloud & on-prem networking, and driving operational excellence in demanding environments. Dedicated to advancing cloud-based projects with a practical, solutions-focused approach, meeting the high standards of innovation driven industries.

Notable Clients, Brands And Organizations

From online retail to education, I have worked in a diverse range of enterprise environments. Having worked in enterprise environments of varying mission gives me a perspective on technology that is rare amongst my peers.

Employment History

Meticulosity Enterprises

Senior Technology Consultant

April 2023

  • Developed a Serverless Python solution for sales enablement that triggered mixed SaaS sales tools APIs to reengage 100+ sales leads per month built using Google Cloud and custom API Gateway.
  • Maintained and deployed custom containerized municipality-focused CMS to Azure App Services using Terraform.
  • Unified module design patterns for Terraform and Ansible automation used for client
    hosting infrastructure deployments.
  • Unified Identity and Access Management (IAM) for AWS account, WPEngine, and other SaaS tools.
  • Onboarded hosting partnership with HIPAA Vault for hosting WordPress sites used by clients in specialized healthcare vertical accounting for a 2x reduction in data breach liability risk.
  • Conducted audits and generated regular reports for C-Suite on information security best practices and threat exposure.
  • Executed and administered security incident response.

Atec Group

Engineering Lead

March, 2022

  • Deployed upgraded network infrastructure and increased back-end throughput to
    40gbps from 1gbps.
  • Optimized throughput of SAN between storage and user-facing network segments
    resulting in 40% greater transfer efficiency overall.
  • Stimulated $500K of private and public deals with new and existing clients.
  • Leveraged internal NetApp SAN to handle stateful data storage for containerized
  • Reduced data center and infrastructure costs by 60% by streamlining architecture and
    relocating critical services to Azure VM’s or App Services and unlocked unrealized
    scalability potential.
  • Containerized legacy applications for internal network and for clients.
  • Created 10 hours of short-form technical training videos for other engineers to
    enable frictionless knowledge transfer.
  • Re-subnetted internal business network and implemented VLANs for tighter
    network segmentation, easier implementation of firewall security policies, and QoS.
  • Developed and deployed a rapid testing tool using Python and Azure serverless
    functions to probe for a specific zero-day presence on Fortinet firewalls.


DevOps Engineer, Co-founder

January, 2019

  • Architected next generation PaaS platform based on RedHat Upstream Kubernetes
    Distribution (OKD) accelerating path to market by 50%.
  • Introduced custom-built Docker images for Apache, Nginx, and PHP-FPM for use with
    the platform based on NIST, PCI-DSS and CIS security best practices.
  • Built a proprietary multi-tenant solution for handling state management of 30 customers’
    Terraform state files.
  • Guided CEO through product direction and strategy by providing comprehensive
    documentation and one-on-one instruction on key technical concepts 10+ investor pitch sessions.
  • Evaluated platform and management systems for inclusion into the product, including
    Kubernetes, HashiCorp NOMAD, Consul, OpenShift, and various SaaS platforms.

ActionSpec, LLC

Systems and DevOps Engineer

June, 2014

  • Planned, tested, and rolled out 100+ mission-critical LAN/WAN infrastructures for small
    business and enterprise clients using Zabbix, Secure Shell, Rudder, Docker, Terraform,
    and ELK Stack for monitoring and analytics.
  • Converted extensive library of 50+ AWS CloudFormation code to Terraform for a client
    adopting a multi-cloud strategy.
  • Developed multi-tenant friendly process for writing ansible playbooks used in
    deployments for 50 clients.
  • Developed, tested, and deployed use-case-specific Terraform modules needed for highly
    available WordPress and Magento Commerce sites at scale.
  • Developed customized automation for clients using TrueNAS storage devices managing
    complex data lifecycles.
  • Developed custom solution for performing functional RUM-style automated testing on
    WordPress and Magento Commerce.