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Implementing DevOps For Web Design Agencies

One of my biggest watershed moments in my career as a DevOps practitioner was implementing DevOps at the agency level. This article seeks to outline what designers, developers and agencies must consider when taking the plunge to implement DevOps for their digital transformations.

How To Start A DevOps Web Design Agency

Starting My Own DevOps Friendly Web Design Agency OK, so I’m on my own and I am building an agency. My imaginary agency is called JamShack.

What Is A DevOps Engineer?

DevOps Engineer Job Title Explained During the DevOps gold rush of 2015, the role of DevOps Engineer was not as defined as it is today.

Why DevOps Is Important

DevOps is important because it makes getting code into production quickly by way of repeatable and reliable procedures. DevOps has changed the way that we think about designing apps, managing technical teams, and how we think about executing IT strategy at large.

How To Learn DevOps

DevOps is a collection of skills, tools and processes that anyone coming up in the technology industry today needs to learn. It is the most in demand job title in 2021.

What Is Ubuntu Core?

Ubuntu Core is a huge shift in how we think about the architecture of the Linux operating system. This has to be the most aggressive and meaningful shift in operating system technology I have seen in my 21 years of being an IT professional.