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Rick Conlee
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Sep 5, 2022 3 min read

What I've Been Up To in 2022

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I’ve been reviewing content for all my Hugo sites when I realized that my personal site hasn’t had any love in quite some time. For all I know, Google probably thinks this site is dead. So… time to freshen up all my content! It’s been a crazy year.

I learned Python!

Since my last blog post, I decided that it was time to take my Python skills to higher levels. I was doing a lot of consulting work where things needed to be glued together. Python is the perfect language for doing some of that last mile automation in everything from DevOps to Business Process Management. I am thankful that I had clients who (in short) financed my entire learning experience. The absolute best way to learn is to get paid for it. Since I’ve learned Python enough to be super dangerous, I’ve done a few projects that I will elaborate on in future posts.

Started A New Job

In the early part of 2022, I needed to find work. One of my largest clients I was consulting for was going through an acquisition, which meant a hold on technical consulting work. So, I put my resume out there and got a lot of interest from Linkedin and other places (This site was a massive driver of job leads). I plan to build some content around that process because the way I optimized my search was highly technical. The result was that I got a job with a Technical Consulting company in the Capital Region of New York, called Atec Group. I haven’t done much work in legacy IT environments where Windows is the dominant architecture, but I am bringing my DevOps skills into their business in hopes that I can successfully guide them through a rather significant technical transition. I like setting crazy big goals, so I sincerely hope I meet that milestone. That said, I would not have found that job without the help of rickconlee.com and technical resume optimization.

Getting back to my 52 Book Challenge

Since I’ve been swamped this year, I have not had much time to read. It’s mainly because I haven’t made time for it. As a result, I have become quite lazy. Generally, by this point in the year, I’ve gone through several dozen books of varying lengths. This year I’ve read maybe 5, and it’s already September. It is currently week 36 of 2022, so I need to read 4 books a week to reach my goal of 52 by the end of the year. Next year I will get back on it, I think, but I want to get back to my cadence of reading 52 in a year.

More Content!

I plan to spend the remaining 16 weeks of the year cranking out more unique content. It helped me a lot during my job search earlier this year. A few months ago, I started making a ton of video content for my current employer to use for training. Next, I plan to roll out sanitized versions of that content on my personal site because a lot of that technical information has benefited many people.

So, stay tuned! More useful content to come in the coming weeks! Be well, friends!